The Governing Council Elected Position was held 2006 - 2012

Retired from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto in 2012

Thank you for all of your support for my 38 year tenure at the University of Toronto and beyond!

The links below highlight a wide range of contributions to the University and Community

In the Kitchen with Diana U of T's Outstanding Staff Founder of Earthtones U of T Medicine Community Affairs Human Resources and Equity Healthy U of T Awards Order of Ontario Recipient (2005) The Mentorship Mission Our Everyday Heros Summer Mentorship Cofounder Summer Mentorship Program Success Summer Mentorship Program Helping Black Graduates Medical Student Named Rhodes Scholar Den Mother Diana Votes to Stop Tuition Increases (page 2) Doctor Mom (page 10) The Humane Touch (page 7) Diva with Determination Making Every Moment Count David Eberle Memorial Alumni Award Chancellor's Award Summer Mentorship Program Helps Minorities Helping Kids in Need: The Saturday Program Mentoring Program Builds Confidence Diana Helps Out with MedLife MMSA Kabul Medical Library Project
"Much of my work and service to the University, Community and Globally surrounds making this world a better place to live in. Valuing Equality and Dignity is ingrained in my character and fight for all individuals in our society. This includes Diversity, Fair Practices, Human Rights, Social Justice and a Great Experience for all Staff and Students. Excellent quality of life for our staff automatically transfers to a great student experience for our students. My goal is to ensure our continuous commitment to equity at all levels among all staff within our system. This includes making a conscious effort to focus on and integrate equity principles and fair practices into every policy, program and action undertaken. Nurturing Education, Leadership, Promotion and Support for staff at all stages of their lives is crucial in supporting Staff Wellbeing and Quality of Life. In these financially hard times, my goal is remain cognizant of the lobbying for job security for our administrative groups, Union, Confidentials, Professionals."
Make Your Difference - Join Forces with Diana Alli

Honours and Accomplishments
  • Invested into the Order of Ontario
  • Healthy UofT Award (individual category) for passion, dedication, and long years of commitment in serving the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of not only student on campus but the larger Toronto GTA community for the past 30 years
  • 2001 Chancellor Award Recipient
  • Student Graduation Award Recipient - Received 16 times by the graduating MD class, awarded on the basis of displaying outstanding compassion, generosity, and guidance to undergraduate medical students
  • National Northeast Association of American Medical Colleges Award for Student Advocacy
  • Numerous Community Awards
  • Appointed to Board of Directors, Woodgreen Community Services
  • Founder/Co-Founder/Facilitator of 24 Outreach Programs for Underrepresented and Disenfranchised Groups - Helped run or initiate programs for elementary schools, high schools, universities, homeless individuals, isolated seniors, and disadvantaged women
  • Elected Administrative Governor (2006-2009)
  • As GC member served on Executive Committee (2007-2009); University Affairs Board; and Service Ancillary Review Group (2006-2009); Planning and Budget (2006-2008)
  • Student Experience, University Disability Committee
  • Administrative Staff Member on Faculty of Medicine Council - Elected for two terms (six years)
  • Former National Chair, Administrative Group Undergraduate Medical Education, Association of Canadian Faculties of Medicine
  • Executive Member of Canadian/USA Committee on Student Affairs - Association of American Medical Colleges, Northeast region
  • Advisory Council, Change Your Future Program
  • Served in past years on Status of Women Office Advisory Council
  • Served in past years on Undergraduate Medical Education Committees - Curriculum, Admissions, Awards, Financial Aid, Accreditation, and Task Forces
  • University and Campus Organizations


"Diana has always cared deeply about students and staff and acted accordingly. I would urge everyone to re-elect her to the Governing Council as our staff representative. She is by far the best candidate running in this round of elections."
Brian Davis, Former staff governor, Carpenters Union, Local 27

"Diana has always been dedicated to ensuring your voices are heard, views are respected and concerns are addressed. It takes a very passionate elected representative to represent such a dynamic community of people, and as such with Diana's experience and proven ability to successfully serve her constituents, there is not doubt that she will consistantly represent your voice at the GC! Her continuous efforts to better the lives of her colleagues speaks volumes about her ability to successfully serve you! So for proven results and dedicated service, Diana is your best choice for Governor!"
Saswati Deb, Student Governor 2006-2008

"Diana has a long and outstanding record of advocacy coupled with solid contributions to enhancing student life especially in the medical faculty and more recently the wider university community. Her continued contribution as a member of governing council will greatly benefit the university. I strongly support her candidacy."
Claude Davis, Chair, University Affairs Board

"Diana is an activist. Her contributions to discussions at Executive Committee and Governing Council meetings are always insightful, questioning, and constructive."
Tim Reid, Alumni Governor (3rd term)

“Diana Ali has been a passionate advocate for all members of the university community for several decades. Her commitment to students the most important members of our university is legendary. She has supported the University of Toronto in a multitude of projects and initiatives culminating in her being granted the Chancellor’s Award. Diana’s tireless efforts on behalf of so many community organizations are an example to all of us. I therefore strongly support Diana’s candidacy for an administrative staff position on Governing Council.”
Ray deSouza, Vice-Chancellor Administration and Finance, Abu Dhabi University; Recipient Chancellors Award of Excellence 2005; Alumni member, University of Toronto; Former CAO, University of Toronto Mississauga; Former Assistant Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science

"Diana Alli serves as a highly-functioning ambassador for both students and staff. Diana is my mentor and I have learned a tremendous amount from her, from the value of social and community responsibility to the true meaning of personal leadership. I strongly support Diana’s candidacy for her continuation as a member of Governing Council."
Carol Bisnath, Lecturer, Sheridan College/Career Coach, U of T (Steelworkers)

"As a Sister, Friend, and Staff, I can attest to the fact that Diana has made positive difference throughout her life all around the Globe. I have been a personal witness and have heard from many U of T students and staff in all three campuses of Diana’s humble leadership and vision, one who has touched the lives of individuals from all walks of life."
Amy Lobo, Coordinator, Co-Curricular Programming and Teacher Employment Preparation Centre, OISE (previously from UT Mississauga)

"Diana's expertise is in helping people create dignified, empowered meaningful lives for staff, students, and community. She is a wonderful role-model and her mentorship, coupled with compassion and interest in the wellbeing of staff are genuinely felt by all of us across the campus."
Melissa Monteiro, Secretary to Director, Facility Services, Trinity College.

"Diana Alli has had a significant impact on students, the University of Toronto, and the Toronto community at large. Diana remains an immensely inspiring mentor and role-model.”
Sagar Dugani, Kevin Koo, Christine Law, and Peter Szasz; Vice-Presidents, Community Affairs, Medical Society, Faculty of Medicine

"Diana Alli is an extraordinary woman. Her dedication and commitment to students, staff and the University are exceptional. She is a leader and an admirable role model. I am honoured to support her campaign for re-election on Governing Council."
Rumeet Toor, Social Entrepreneur, M.Ed. Candidate, Higher Education and Leadership, OISE. Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Award Recipient

"I truly hope that my profile will bear witness that I will make you proud of my continued contributions to the University and Governing Council. I am ready and prepared to be a voice for all administrative staff. Thank you for taking time to visit this website."

Diana Alli
Office of Student Affairs
Faculty of Medicine